Rush is an Acro FPV Pilot Interface - Aiming to fully transport any pilot.

Rush offers a complete flight model that complements fast and technical piloting. Pilots can fly using a traditional monitor or any SteamVR compatible headset for an unrivaled FPV experience. Rush features futuristic large scale drones, allowing you to step inside the most insane drones and explore massive surreal environments.

Basic Details

Rush is made with love and free to play while in development.

!!Basic controls!!

Triggers - Positive/Negative Thrust

Left Thumb Stick - Craft Pitch/Roll

Right Thumb Stick - Craft Yaw

DPad Up - Camera Pitch Adjust

DPad Left - Reset Camera (VR)/MenuScroll

DPad Right - Hold for Free Look/MenuScroll

DPad Down - 3rd Person Camera

'A' Button - Select (menu)

Right Bumper - Toggle AutoLevel Flight/Adjust Graphics In Menu

Left Bumper - Engage Airbreak/Adjust Graphics In Menu

Start Button - Reset (while flying)/Return to Menu/Quit (hold in menu)

Right Thumb Stick Click - Play pause music

!!Suggested Specs!!

Performance metrics have not been resolved, performance may vary.

Rush is developed with the following hardware;

Windows 64bit

CPU: I7 4790 K - 4Ghz

GPU: GTX 1060 6GB

RAM: 16 GB - DDR3

Load Drive: SSD

Input: Xbox One Controller - Xinput

Headset: Windows MR\Any SteamVR headset, 3dof or 6dof supported.

Dev Notes

Rush Development is currently paused. Please ping me on Discord for request or questions.

Eye Candy

Azora Environment