Demitrius (Ultra Rezz) Thompson

3DArtist, Environment Design, Gameplay & interaction Design.

First off. Thanks for checking out my portfolio! My name is Demitrius. I'm a 3d Artist and Game Designer. I'm proficient in Blender, Unreal Engine, and Substance. My experience reaches VR, Audio Visualization, Level Design, Game play prototyping and more. I really enjoy developing interactive tools and content.

END GAME - IAmJakeHill

Unreal Engine Render

I made this fan made Album Art for IAmJakeHill. The character is based on Jake's "Father Time" character. The character is designed and rigged in Blender.

Abstract Blackhole

Blender Render - Cycles

My Blackhole render uses Blender volumetrics and advanced shaders to make this fun render.

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VR Drone Simulation - Built using Unreal Engine

Rush is a physically simulated drone piloting interface. In this project I developed a custom Drone Flight Model and UI that works both in VR and 2D. The Art in Rush is created using Blender, Substance Designer & Painter and Unreal Engine.

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LoFi Sushi

Blender Render - Eevee

LoFi Sushi, is a fun scene I made in Blender to test the (then new) Eevee Render inside Blender. This scene uses image composites and procedural shaders.

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Neo Penthouse Studio

Blender 3D Scene - Eevee & Cycles

The Neo Penthouse is not a complete scene and is designed to be populated with additional assets to create a complete render. This Asset features custom Blender Shaders and 4k PBR materials.

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Piercing Tsunami

Unreal Engine Render

The Piercing Tsunami was created to test out the (then new) Quixel Megascans integration with Unreal Engine. The scene showcases a custom Whale that is hand sculpted and painted.

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Unreal Engine Audio Visualizer

Sonorous is an Realtime Audio Visualizer. This visualizer is able to translate music or ingame audio into driven visuals or game mechanics.

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Casual Android game - Built in Unreal Engine

Glyder is a hyper casual Android game designed to be playable by anyone. Collect as many gems and portals progress the difficulty of your flight.

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